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“…the Knowledge Insights Inventory data gave us the confidence to introduce a new knowledge management system which helps us capture tacit knowledge particularly knowledge relating to machine fixes…. Further temperature checks by the ASSK team allowed us to monitor the roll-out and make interventions where necessary. The operation was very successful and we are currently rolling out the system to other divisions.”

Multinational Pharmaceutical Organisation





“The Knowledge Insights Inventory was deployed as a tacit knowledge readiness assessment tool to assess the tacit knowledge readiness within our cross new functional NPTL team. The analysis revealed evidence of strong tacit knowledge sharing and seeking behaviour including strong team working behaviours, strong work relationships and social capital and a strong learning culture. This data confirmed that the management decision to introduce a tacit knowledge capture tool focusing on shift handover was both timely and appropriate. A further temperature test was very beneficial to the successful rollout of the tool.




“Tacit Knowledge retention is always a concern for us in Boston Scientific and we very much welcomed the deployment of the Knowledge Insights Inventory within the Preventative Maintenance Team so that we could understand where we’re positioned on tacit knowledge readiness. There is a rich stream of tacit knowledge within this team that resides within individual team members. This knowledge is used daily to solve a multiplicity of routine and non-routine technical problems. The resulting data analysis from the Knowledge Insights Inventory acted as a catalyst for us to introduce a series of interventions to improve our system for capturing maintenance material and to help us achieve greater consistency.”

Boston Scientific