Knowledge Insights Inventory 

The Knowledge Insights Inventory is a diagnostic survey and reporWorkBench ASSK contact paget tool that measures the extent of Tacit Knowledge Readiness within your organisation. The outputs of the inventory help organisations address a complex organisational paradox.

On the one hand, organisations do not sufficiently capitalise on the large amounts of tacit knowledge that resides with employees in organisations. On the other hand, tacit knowledge is sticky and it is very difficult to capture utilising formal knowledge management systems.

Therefore, we take the view that employees seek, share, access and capture tacit knowledge where they possess the ability, motivation and have the opportunity to engage in actions that facilitate these behaviours. The inventory can be used at the organisation, division, team/work group and/ or individual employee level. It is administered as a link to an on online survey which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Leveraging Tacit Knowledge for Competitive Advantage

It is estimated that more that 70% of all knowledge in organisations consists of tacit knowledge. It is a key source of competitiveness for organisations; however, it is also one of the most difficult types of knowledge to effectively manage. It is hard to explain, difficult to write down or articulate and as a result is not as readily available to organisations to use for competitive advantage. The challenge for organisations is to leverage this knowledge to:

  • Plan organisational improvements
  • Optimise talent
  • Enhance organisational effectiveness leading to competitive advantage.

How employees view the organisation, their motivations and their attitudes are key to effective sharing, seeking, access and capture of tacit knowledge.

The journey to tacit knowledge readiness is complex for any organisation, and the first step involves understanding where you are on that journey. Our inventory willprovide you with key insights and benchmarks in respect of that critical first step to Tacit Knowledge Readiness.